About Us

REPRESENT is the Research Centre for the Study of Parties and Democracy. A collaboration between the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham, under the direction of Dr Fernando Casal Bértoa (School of Politics and International Relations, Nottingham) and Dr Tim Haughton (Department of Political Science and International Studies, Birmingham).

REPRESENT regularly hosts seminars series and workshops


To bring together, and drive, innovative research in three areas that are, at present, disconnected: 

  • The falling social penetration of established political parties;
  • The rise of populism, and; 
  • The effectiveness of foreign aid given to support democracy.

Interdisciplinary work

Connecting development studies, political science and area studies, and bringing together leading experts on different regions (including Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia).

A ‘Hub’ for knowledge exchange and collaborations

It aims to increase the accessibility of academic expertise on democratization to policy-makers and practitioners, as well as to support researchers seeking to produce policy-relevant research on political parties and democratization.

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