2019-2020 Events

February: Seminar
Pernicous presidentialization and democratic backsliding: Hungary and Turkey in comparative perspective
Speaker: Hakan Yavuzyilmaz
Convenor: Fernando Casal Bértoa (University of Nottingham)

December: Seminar
How to Rig an Election
Speaker: Brian Klaas (University College London)
Convenor: Fernando Casal Bértoa (University of Nottingham)

November: PGR Colloquium
Colloquium for current PhD Students
Speakers: Scott Lewis, Esmeralda Bon, Anna Silander (University of Nottingham) and Omar de la Cruz (National Autonomous University of Mexico)

November: Seminar
The origins of right-wing populism in Israel: Peace Process and collective identities’ struggle
Speaker: Anna M Bagaini (University of Nottingham)
Convenor: Fernando Casal Bértoa

October: Seminar
United We Stand, Divided We Fall? The Effects of Parties’ Brexit Rhetoric on Voters’
Speaker: Jae-Hee Jung (University of Oxford)
Convenor: Fernando Casal Bértoa

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