2022-2023 Events

29 June: Research Seminar
Glass Ceilings & Cliffs: Gendered Party Leadership in Parliamentary Systems
Speaker: Andrea Aldrich (Yale University)
Convenor: William Daniel (University of Nottingham)

29 March: Book Launch
The Independent Voter in American Politics
Speaker: Thom Reilly (Arizona State University)
Convenor: Fernando Casal Bértoa (University of Nottingham)

23 March: Book Launch
Voters Under Pressure: Group-Bases Cross-Pressure and Electoral Volatility
Speaker: Ruth Dassonneville (Université de Montréal)
Discussants: Allan Sikk (University College London) and Kevin Deegan-Krause (Wayne State University)
Chair and Convenor: Tim Haughton (University of Birmingham)

22 February: Research Seminar
Post-Truth Politics and the Role of Political Parties
Speaker: Nathalie Brack (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)
Chair and Discussant: William Daniel (University of Nottingham)

10 November: Workshop
REPRESENT Mini-Workshop of Works in Progress
Presenters: Gulshan Khan, Max-Valentin Robert, Carole Spary, Ruta Skriptaite, Manuel Hernandez-Gonzalez, Kevin Fahey, and William Horncastle
Chair and Convenor: William Daniel (University of Nottingham)

26 October: Research Seminar
Baltic Exceptionalism: Russian Minorities as a Blessing, Rather than Curse
Speaker: Tõnis Saarts (Tallinn University)
Discussant: Licia Cianetti (University of Birmingham)
Chair and Convenor: Fernando Casal Bértoa (University of Nottingham)

5 October: Roundtable
The State of Representation in Britain
Panellists: Neema Begum, Kevin Fahey and Siim Trumm (University of Nottingham)
Chair and Convenor: William Daniel (University of Nottingham)

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