REPRESENT holds first research seminar

On 29 January 2018, Professor Cees van der Eijk and Dr. Annemarie Walter from the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham presented  at REPRESENT’s first seminar in Birmingham. Their latest research examines the effects of negative campaigning on party preference and election outcome in the 2015 UK election. Their findings suggest that negative campaigns tend to lose you votes and benefit your competitors, albeit in complex and unpredictable ways. This present a challenge to ‘accepted wisdom’ among professional campaigners and party strategists; most remain adamant that ‘going negative’ is a winning move.

Details of future seminars are available here.

REPRESENT to cooperate with International IDEA

REPRESENT has announced an agreement to cooperate with International IDEA on a new project, ‘Party Funding in Asia.’ This collaboration will centre on the Political Finance Database (PFDB) project, a leading global resource on political finance.

International IDEA, through its Political Participation and Representation Processes Programme,  plans to launch a new version of the PFDB in 2018. Together International IDEA and REPRESENT will ensure the quality of updated data, co-produce related analysis, and develop ‘spin-off’ products.

Photo credit: 2009 Elections in Indonesia, by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, used under CC BY 2.0. Original photo here.