2018-2019 Events

May: Seminar
There is No Fate but What We Make for Ourselves: Historical Legacies and Electoral Change in Asian Democracies, 1948-2017 
Speakers: Don Lee and Fernando Casal Bértoa (University of Nottingham)

May: Seminar
The multiple roots of the Populist Radical Right: Voting for Populist Radical Right Parties in Cities and the Countryside
Speaker: Wouter van der Brug (University of Amsterdam)

May: Workshop
Evolving Party Systems, Ideological Configurations and Values
Speakers: Wouter van der Brug (University of Amsterdam), Robert Klemmensen (University of Southern Denmark), Sofia Vasilopoulou (University of York) and Paul Hanel (University of Bath).
Convenor: Annemarie Walter (University of Nottingham)

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